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Not The Agile I Used To Know


Whether it’s agile, lean or kanban, discussions usually center on the first tenet of the agile manifesto. Not only there’s no mention of the other three, we’re doing the first one wrong too.

“Individuals and interactions”?  Don’t make me laugh. We’re obsessed with “processes and tools”. We’ve almost forgotten about “working software”, because that’s a technical detail. We’ve turned “responding to change” to planning with sticky notes and we want to do “customer collaboration”, but unfortunately there isn’t one around.

The agile manifesto is really simple. Its values are simple. You’d think that this simplicity is the basis of common understanding for every software development.

So where did we go wrong?

This is not an inspirational talk. It’s taking a shocking look in the mirror, seeing what we’ve done with the original agile concepts. We’ll see where we trailed off (and why), and how we can use from the original ideas to get back on track.

Agile discussions have evolved and flourished over the years. The agile values haven’t. Let’s put them in focus again.